Migration from Windows to MAC OS X 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard)

Migration choices:
1-NeoOffice = OpenOffice optimized for Mac! €7,- per year  for MSOffice.
NeoOffice Base (or Filemaker PRO 10 €349,-) for Access

2-Captainftp $29,- for WS_FTP

3-Chmox ipv for windows help viewer

4-Sandvox (€40) for Frontpage (website builder) cmd-b=bold, cmd-t=fonts, cmd-u=underline, cmd-i=Italic, alt-enter=next  line, "Shift-cmd-{" =aline text left, "Shift-cmd-}"=align right, "Shift-cmd-|" =align center

5-SpotLight for Copernic Desktop Search (? for SMB NAS drives)
  SpotLess €10,- (for searching in FAT32 iPOD)
  NeoLight 1.1 (for searching by Spotlight in NeoOffice files)

6-Select files, Ctrl-click en kies COMPRESS (n) files for WinZip

7-Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX (USB-connected) works in 2.1 mode only.  Selct Output as SB Audigy 2 NX in 'System Preferences', thats all.

8-Carbon Copy Cloner (free Norton Ghost (images of boot disk) Creates a bootable copy of your complete iMAC harddisk on an external HFS+ USB disk! Connect the disk to one of the standard  USB connectors at the back of your iMAC and press the Alt-Key during start-up to select de external boot disk.

9-ChronoSync 4.0.1 ($40) + Carbon Copy Cloner (free)  You have to use both programms to sync USB-FAT32 volume to a RAID1 SMB LAN-Disk  for SyncBackSE (€20)
Synchronize! Pro X ($99) can do the sync job directly but is more expensive

10-Adobe Reader 9 under apple for Adobe Reader 9 under xp.

11-VLC media player Playing WMV video files (add and

12-OnyX (clean & check OSX) (free)

13-AppCleaner for deleting all files of application (free) (Function is included in CleanMyMac)

14-Grab / Preview / iPhoto for IrfanView

Setting Preview:  'Respect image and screen DPI for scale' OFF for nice PDF-size!

15-Kernel for Base Repair OpenOffice Base (€86,-) Not so successful…

16-Play music from my IPOD, install first: MacFUSE after that.... iPod Ripping, iPodDisk

17-Combine PDF's Most scanners can scan multiple scans to one PDF-file and in Snow Leopard you always can "PRINT to PDF". With you can combine, change order and rotate different pdf-files to one PDF file. Open a pdf in Preview, show sidebar. Just drag all pages from different pdf-files to the sidebar, change order, select all pages and finally PRINT to PDF to generate your final single pdf-file.

18-Adobe Suite CS2 Mac-version (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) for Adobe Suite CS2 Windows-version.

18A-Photoshop alternative is GIMP for Linux, Mac and Windows.

19-Scanner Canon N670U Free downloads can be obtained for iMAC-Leopard (multiple page PDF's can be made directly from the scans.

20-Net Monitor (€10,-) for Net Meter (realtime measuring throughput Network Interface Card)

20a-Menumeters Show activity of: CPU, HD, MEM and Network in top bar. Free.

21-DownloadComment (adds url-of-origin to file comment field during download in Safari)

22-CandyBar 3.1.2 ($29) + Icon Composer 2.0 (free) (Apple Xcode 3.1 Developer Tools) for IcoFX 1.6.4 Icon maker

23-Inkscape Vector Drawing Programm (OpenSourceSoftware) 

24-AirGrab WiFi Radar (free after free registration) or KisMAC also free for (NetStumbler)

25-Automator (part of MAC-OS) for reducing picture size automatically (use functions: Get Specified Finder Items, Get Folder Contents, Scale Images) Past a directory structure in Get Specified Finder Items and click RUN after setting the pixel size. Works very fast and nice!

25a-Proximity (free) Starts a command-script on your Mac as soon as a BlueTooth device is detected. Lnk1 Lnk2

26-Calibre Convert PDF to ePub (e-reading for iPad) Bad results

27-MPEG convertor for iMovie: MPEG Streamclip (Open MPG movie, Export to QuickTime, import in iMovie) Install add-on

28-Remote Desktop TeamViewer (Free license for non-commercial use only)
TeamViewer for Windows    TeamViewer for Apple    TeamViewer for Linux

28a-Remote Desktop Mikogo is an alternative

29-EasyFind searches LAN-disks also but makes no index (Spotlight in Snow Leopard makes an index bud does not search LAN-disks)

30-Temperature iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook AirsmcFanControl, iStat Pro, (Both free of Charge) Macs & Heat

31-TinkerTool shows hidden files (but does not change your iMac)

32-DROPBOX   2GB free space for file distribution (50GB for $10,- /month)

33-Pictures in browsers can be pointed and copied to the desktop by (mouse) shifting that picture to your desktop.

34-SABnzbd OpenSource alternative for Newsleecher. Use for downloading *. nzb files to be used in SABnzbd. NewsServer: €10,- (iDeals) for 15GBytes. Read 34a

34a-Use OpenFTD for Apple 1.2.1 (newer versions may crash) and Unison (NewsLeacher for Apple).

35-iCal how to switch from AM/PM to 24:00 hours: System Preferences-Language & Text-Formats-☑ Show all regions-Region-Dutch-Netherlands.

36-Set VLC default to play Video's: Select the video, Get Info, Open with, select VLC, Change All.

37-CleanMyMac for cleaning your Mac from €40,- for 2 lifetime licenses. Cleaner is only for deleting applications and is FREE but does not clean the whole Mac)

37a CleanApp and Uninstaller are a little cheaper and better then CleanMyMac.

38-Microsoft Silverlight cross-over browserplugin for Safari

39-Relative desktop icon locations are stored in the invisible file in <user home folder>/Desktop/.DS_Store copy and save this file. If - after a crash all your icons are mixed-up replace this file. ThinkerTool shows hidden files without danger, see above for website.

40-Posters printen op A4 papier. Poster Print 3.0 (€14,-) Works perfect!

41-Translate Text    free…

42-recover deleted files freeware (for camera SD cards etc.)

43-Uncompress RAR files with UnRarX (

44-Stellarium  study the motion of planets and stars (Free Software)

45-Transmission Torrent software (Free Software)

46-Torrentz  Download movies

47-iFreeMem  (Free Memory €17,- 15 days trial) See 50-FreeMemory

48-Goosync Calendar Sync N95-Google

49-Spanning Sync 3 Calendar Sync iCal-Google

50-FreeMemory = same performance but €0,- From App-Store

52-Split & Concat for MAC for files > 10MBytes, download Split&Concat

53-File Splitter and Joiner 3.3 for Windows: Free Download

54-Hard Disk speed test (AJA speed test) Test read/write speed from/to USB and Firewire disks

55-AirPrint Activator Print to any Non-AirPrint USB/LAN-printer from your iPhone, iPad, iPod-tough through your Mac. (€-donate)

56-SplitFuse Split & Merge video-files SplitFuse $11,95

57-HTML Editor KompoZer  Free. Learning KompoZer (Dutch)

58-DiffMerge DiffMerge is a FREE app to visually compare and merge files for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

59-OmniDiskSweeper (free) for Treesize (Calculates GBytes per directory on all disks)

60-muCommander Free (GPL) for Mac, Linux, Windows. Shows hidden files.

61-WiFiPerf for iMac €4,- WiFiPerf for iPad €4,- (measure the WLAN throughput -- client-server app's)

62-ResizeIt (change group pictures)

63-USB Flash Card Tester (Memorycard tester)

64-TextWrangler (Free plain text editor for OSX from Apple Store)

65- NTFS-disks read/write under OSX: MacFuse download: 

you also need NTFS-3G download:  (all info comes from: )

66- Mactracker (from APP-store) will show you all Apple models ever made. Compare the Modelnr. at the back of your Apple with the info provided in this App!

67- Migrate single App's between iMac-MacBook. Use OR to find out all library file locations to copy manually all library files. On both Mac's the same OSX should be running.

68- Play iPhone - iPod - iPad music on your iMac through a Line-In stereo cable. Use LineIn software to switch the iMac speakers to Line-In input at the back. Also set System Preferences/Sound to Line-In. You also can connect the Line-In stereo cable from your iMac to an Airport Express and your music will sound wireless through Airplay. See diagram.

69- NameChanger can be used to change the names of a bunch of pictures. Automator can do this also but NameChanger is much more intuitive. You can see the result before you start the renaming process.

70- Disk InventoryX gives a graphical presentation how many MB's all files and maps use at internal and external disks.

Download software for: Windows Mac iOS Android

Download YouTube video's
Play video in Safari, RealPlayer Downloader auto starts. Open RealPlayer Downloader from the Dock and click "download". After download you can convert it with RealPlayer Converter to iPhone etc.
----Convert any video with the separate app RealPlayer Converter----
Alternative: Start YouTube video in Safari and click: cmd-alt-a The activity window opens, open the directory and double click at the biggest file -- download will start. After download open it with RealPlayer Converter. (separate app)
Add video to your iPhone4 to play through your AppleTV
Open iPhoto, create a new album and copy the video to the album. Open iTunes, select your iPhone, select Photo's, select your new album and sync. At your iPhone under Photo's you will find your movie to play through AppleTV.

Create and Copy DC's and DVD's
Create Mac, Linux and Windows readable CD's DVD's
on Leopard Snow: Click on the Desktop to go to Finder. Select File-New Burn Folder, drag your files in this folder, right click this folder and select BURN..... that will do the job.
Copy a Windows bootable CD/DVD on Snow Leopard 10.6.4 
Start Disk Utility – Insert Windows bootable source CD/DVD – Select your source CD/DVD at the left side in Disk Utility – Select File,  New, 'Disk Image from "Your CD/DVD" ...' – Image Format = DVD/CD Master – Give your CD/DVD a name – Click Save – Now the image file: 'Your CD/DVD.cdr' will be created – Eject your source CD/DVD – In Disk Utility, right click the *.cdr (at the left side in the window) and select BURN – Insert a blank disc. (source was

(The next solutions only work for Mac, not for disks to be readable under Windows and Linux)
Disk Copy: Use 
Burn DVD etc. With Burn you can burn DVD's, DIVX, VideoCD etc.
Copy CD/DVD: Insert CD/DVD, start Disk Utility, select CD/DVD click 'New Image' etc. After the (dmg) image is made exchange disk with an empty CD/DVD and burn image Note: From all local files, directories, network locations you can make an image in dmg-format with Disk Utility, included with Leopard.
Burn ISO on CD/DVD. Insert blank disc, start Disk Utility. From the File menu, choose Open Disk Image and select ISO to be burned. In the list of volumes, you will see an item representing the ISO file. Select it. Click the Burn button and follow the instructions. (try InfraRecorder 0.45)

Address Book [import from Outlook or what ever you have]
You can import every *.csv file as long as the structure is:
First name,Last name,Middle name,Address1,Address2,City,.............. on and long as you whish¶
wiard,beek,,street number,second street line,voorburg,..............on and long as you whish¶
[Notice that the Middle name is left out because in my case I do not have a Middle name!]
With 'Find and Replace' you can change ';' to ','
Then open Address Book and import the *.csv file. During the import you have to select which fields from your *.csv file must match to the fields Address Book uses! Peace of cake!
Download AddressBookExporter-2.1.2.dmg (Address Book Exporter)

SYNC your iPhone and iCal agenda with Gmail
Set your Gmail account in iCal and iPhone to sync with Gmail (it works through WiFi)
IMPORTANT: If you sync your iPhone also with iTunes make sure that the sync with iCal through USB is marked OFF!

DVD editing Procedure:
Start with DVD: DVD to MP4 converter Handbrake Open Source software, free. Note: Rename *.m4v to *.mp4 for opening in QuickTime for conversion to *MOV with format HD720p for input to iMovie. With M MPEG Streamclip convert it to DV. Open it with iDVD an make the DVD. See "Make the DVD".
Start with VHS-tape: First make AVI-file and convert it with MPEG Streamclip to mp4 and import it in iMovie for editing. Share – Export using Quick Time, select Movie to Apple TV. You get m4v. Open it with iDVD and make the DVD. Click on the carousel to determine the position of the intro of the film. Click on the menu items to change the text.
Start with DV-Camera: Import film through FireWire with iMovie for editing. Export to *.m4v (Movie to Apple TV). Open it with iDVD an make the DVD. Maybe convert it with MPEG Streamclip to DV for better quality??? See "Make the DVD".
Start with MPG files from Camera: Convert 4:3 MPG movies to 16:9 mp4 movie with MPEG Streamclip File-Export to MPEG-4, Settings: Apple MPEG4 Compressor, 100% quality, 854x480, Cropping Top60Bottom60Source, Brightness +25 for indoor, contrast also can be set. Import m4v in iMovie and produce the final movie. (If needed you can export to mp4 separately). If you save the project in iMovie and open iDVD you can select that movie and make the DVD. See "Make the DVD".
Make the DVD: iDVD-Settings: Project/Project info/--Video Mode PAL or NTSC--Aspect Ratio WideScreen (16:9)--Encoding Best Performance--DVD Type Single or Dual layer (After changes you have to wait for the encoding to be finished). Media: select movie, drag the movie to the selected theme, select which part of the movie to be used in the intro-dropzone by clicking at the drop zone.

AUDIO editing
Audacity (free)  (For exporting MP3 you need Lame (free)  )

Software for Mac:  MACTECH (forums, archives etc.)

Software for Windows
PDFCreator Print to PDFCreator will generate a PDF-file
Aldfaer is free powerful and user friendly genealogy software in Dutch only for Windows.

101-PCTools iAntiVirus (free limited version!)
102-Little Snitch Firewall-out (€29,-)
103-Net Monitor Sidekick (€14,-) (for security port traffic determination)
104-MacScan (€27,-)
105-More security to evaluate 
106-Free Angry IP scanner (also for Linus and Windows, finds all computers in network)
107-Free Port scanner for Mac Snow Leopard is standard in: Network
108-Free Advanced Port Scanner for Windows 

Problems...? Read how to open your MAC
External DVD  Connect external DVD to Snow Leopard iMac: connecting by FireWire cable is not working. I connected my old SONY DRU-510A DVD-burner by external USB-2 box and it is working perfect. Only some highest-speed CD's and DVD's will not burn.
External HD  Connecting old Hard Disk's is working through FireWire and USB-2

Your mac becomes incredible slow or (extremely slow). Start Activity Monitor, set category to 'All Processes' and sort '% CPU' so that the highest numbers are at top. See if there is a process that takes extremely much processor power… and cill it. See if that helps. If not… boot your mac with pressing the keys cmd-r. Try with the Disk-Utility to repair your hard disk. If that does not fix it…. REINSTALL LION. To me it immediately solved my problem and my MacBookAir 1.6 GHz Intel Core Duo with 2 GBytes ram is running fast again under LION like I did with Snow Leopard.

Mac OS X Basic Troubleshooting & Maintenance Tips 

Still to migrate from XP:
*.webloc naar *.url plugin for Safari (for making url-links Operating System independent)
DV-films editing (try Cinelerra from Avidemux 2.4.1
Flowcharts, Network diagrams. (Kivio 1.6.1
SwissKnife, Formats USB-disks of up to 500GBYTES in FAT32 under XP. ( swissknife.exe)

RUNNING UBUNTU, LINUX & WINDOWS-7 UNDER MAC OS X With VMware under iMac OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard        Compare Parallels, VMware, VirtualBox and Boot Camp as PDF
I prefer VirtualBox from SUN just for testing websites with Internet Explorer and for conversion of Microsoft Office files and it is free of charge. If you need other OS's more intensive I suggest to use VMware, it is worth the money!
Settings VirtualBox: Network: "Bridged Adapter" to exchange files between XP and MAC.

Screen Keyboard shortcuts
CMD-SHIFT-4 will copy a selected part of the screen to a file on your desktop
CMD-SHIFT-3 will copy the whole screen to a file on your desktop
CMD-SHIFT-4 press SPACE --> mouse click the window to be saved as file on your desktop

Apple Keyboard Help Here you find everything about the white Apple keyboards 

Other keyboard shortcuts
Dave Spicks (download PDF) OR use

Generate diacritic characters with the keyboard
Press ALT-CMD-T and put the most used characters under favourites.

StartUp commands
Press CMD-V (while switching on) will bring the boot process in verbose mode
Press ALT (while switching on) will bring boot-menu on screen
Cannot Eject DVD from iMAC      Press Left Mouse button during switch-On and the DVD will EJECT. My mouse and keyboard are wired through USB.

Sleep mode iMAC press alt,cmd,eject...

Move files and directories under Mac
Just drag within the same partition or drag (while keeping the CMD-key pressed) between different partitions.
Copy files and directories under Mac
Just drag between different partitions or drag (while keeping the ALT-key pressed) within the same partition.

Printing standard in Black only on HP 2605dn color laser printer to save on color toners
Set driver in Adobe Reader 9.2.0 to:
Presets - Last Used Settings
Color Matching - In printer
Color/Quality Option - Print Color as Grey: On - 600 dpi (Edge Control: Normal)
Print......If you look with a 10x Magnifier Jeweler Loupe you will not see any color dots used in graphics!
I defined two printer queues, one for COLOR and one for GREY pointing to the same printer Hp Color LaserJet 2605dt, both are set to "last used settings" one queue is set to COLOR and the other is set to GREY. It works!!!

Phone free without costs: